4 Important Tips for Small Business Taxes 

While small business taxes may only be filed once a year, you don’t want to slack on tax preparation all year round. The bill that comes every year is the result of all the choices you’ve made up until that point. In order to make Tax Day a little easier on you, here are four tips that you, as a small business owner, should be aware of. 

Make Estimated Payments 

If you file your small business taxes quarterly, then the IRS will expect you to make an effort to estimate the correct payments. If you estimate incorrectly or pay far too low, you can be penalized with a fine. It’s easier if you simply get it as correct as possible the first time. After all, any penalty is avoidable. 

Plan for Funds to Pay 

You’re going to pay taxes, so it’s important to have the funds available to you. If you’re off on your estimated taxes, it isn’t always a big deal. You may not have a large difference to pay when Tax Day comes around. However, if you are off by a large sum or you pay late, you could end up with more interest and fines. If it makes it easier, you can always create a separate account for tax money. 

Additionally, if you are having trouble with tax debt, you can always look into a small business loan. This can help you get on top of everything. 

Consult Professional 

Don’t wait until the end of the year to consult a tax professional. Tax professionals aren’t only there to make sure that you fill in your form correctly. They can help you figure out which deductions apply to you and can help you figure out which credits might lower your debt. Frankly, consulting a tax professional should be one of your most vital business decisions. 

Keep Tax Records 

Figuring out which records you’re going to need can be difficult. This is why you should make sure that you keep everything that you could possibly need. You may need receipts for a deduction or maybe you need to keep track of vehicle mileage. All of these should be recorded and kept organized. If you ever get audited, this will make the difference in a high-stress situation. 

Filing small business taxes can be a stressful time for everyone. However, it’s a lot easier to deal with when you have made the proper preparations. You can eliminate a lot of the stress through these tips. 


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