Consumer Finance

Boost Your Sales by Offering Financing Options at Your Location

If your company sells a product or service for less than $10,000, at Source Commercial Funding, we strongly encourage you to consider our consumer finance program. Through this program, we can buy your portfolio of consumer loans from you, purchase your revolving credit agreements, or even purchase your retail installment contracts.

How This Program Benefits Your Business

There are many different reasons why offering financing options at your location is good for your business. These include some of the following:

  • You can increase the number of clients who repeatedly come back to your location.
  • You can encourage your customers to make larger purchases.
  • You can build awareness of your brand.
  • You can improve customer loyalty.

Most importantly, by having financing solutions available, you can potentially improve your business’ bottom line.

How This Program Benefits Your Clients

Not only can our consumer finance program do good things for your business, but it is also associated with advantages for your clients. For example, by offering financing, your clients will have immediate access to a revolving credit line. Additionally, they can receive approval for financing immediately at your location.

If you are ready to enhance your business’ profitability, contact us at Source Commercial Funding today to find out more about this financing program. We are eager to hear from you and to help you enhance the success of your company’s operations.


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