Purchase Order Financing

Don’t Stay Stuck in a Supply Chain Rut

Do you feel stuck in your role in the supply chain? Does the very nature of the way that you do business seem to inhibit your growth? Working through purchase orders does have its advantages, in that the work that you do and the time in which you have to do it is very well-detailed. Yet at the same time, fulfilling a PO often requires that you dedicate a significant amount of your company’s resources to it. That leaves little to no chances to increase your market share, and you simply continue to pick up where you left off with every new order.

The Advantages that PO Financing Offers

Does this sound all too familiar? Well, not to worry; with the Purchase Order Financing Program that we offer here at Source Commercial Funding, we’re able to help you overcome the financial challenges inherent with filling orders. As part of this program, we can offer you financing options such as production financing for jobs already in progress Letters of Credit to help finance foreign or domestic trade transactions. Many companies such as your find these financing alternatives due to the ability it gives them to:

  • Guarantee on-time deliveries to customers
  • Increase their production capacity without assuming more debt
  • Bring on larger client orders

Don’t get caught in the supply chain’s financial spin cycle. Break free by taking advantage of our Purchase Order Financing program to finally get the resources needed to both stay on top of orders and look to grow your business simultaneously. Let us here at Source Commercial Funding show you how by giving us a call today.


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