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Is your company looking to expand into a new location? Have you thought about your financing options? Buying into today’s commercial real estate market is big step, and without the right resources to back you, your proposed venture could go from exciting new opportunity to unending nightmare in no time flat. Fortunately, our team here at Source Commercial Funding has the tools and the talent to line you up with the right commercial real estate financing package.

How Stated Income Financing Works

Are you concerned that your company’s fledgling credit profile will keep you from qualifying for any sort of real estate financing package? Don’t be; we offer a Stated Income Commercial Real Estate Loan program that can get you the money that you need. Here’s how it works:

  • You bring your proposal to us. We handle everything from new property purchases to refinancing packages.
  • We evaluate the income value of the property to determine is it’s sufficient to cover the mortgage as well as any taxes or fees associated with it.
  • We then go to our vast network of lending partners to help find you the financing company that will best meet your needs.

All that you need to qualify for this incredible funding program is a FICO business credit score of 600. Your loan can be set at up to $5 million depending upon what you need. Proposals for all types of commercial properties, including office space, restaurants, retail stores, apartment complexes, and warehouses. Our stated income loans come in with 65-75 percent LTV ratios on different types of properties. We offer loan schedules that are fully amortizing over 25 years, and we can get your loan application turned around in in no time at all.

Don’t let financing concerns derail your next commercial real estate venture. Through our Stated Income Commercial Real Estate Program, you’re virtually guaranteed the all of the financial resources that you need to make your project succeed. Simply call and speak with one of our commercial finance experts to get your loan application started today.


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