Washington D.C. AR Financing Services: Improving Cash Flow And Growth

Washington, DC Accounts Receivable Financing services are being utilized by local businesses, not just to correct cash flow issues, but to also insure growth and prevent internal cash flow strains. AR financing, or accounts receivable financing, is edging out traditional short-term loans for working capital in the DC area.

Washington, DC AR Financing To Correct Cash Flow Problems

Cash flow problems are not unusual for new and small businesses. Most of the time, these cash flow issues arise from situations which are beyond the control of the business itself. Unexpected costs, large orders and the expense of production, and more can impact cash flow. At the heart of it all, those cash flow problems can be traced to unpaid customer invoices. When businesses in Washington, DC issue invoices with staggered payment schedules of 30 days or longer, the waiting period can place a major strain on finances. Washington, DC AR financing corrects cash flow issues by converting those open invoices to working capital within 24 hours. This provides a much healthier cash flow for businesses across the board.

The Advantages Of AR Financing in Washington D.C. Over Traditional Short-Term Loans

When cash flow becomes tight, many businesses seek out short-term loans as a temporary solutions. Unfortunately, short-term loans are not always the best fit. Traditional loans impact business credit ratings, and place debt on the books. The other reason savvy DC entrepreneurs are wary of short-term loans is that, if cash flow problems arise after the funding is used, they not only have to take out another loan, but the cash flow issues become compounded by the debt from previous short-term financing. Washington, DC AR financing does not place any debt on the books. Washington, DC AR financing consists of a sale of receivables for immediate cash. This simple transaction is debt-free and preserves credit ratings for local entrepreneurs. With the improved cash flow, business owners in Washington, DC can implement growth projects without having to worry about debt or placing a strain on finances.

Safeguard Your Business Against Cash Flow Problems

At Source Commercial Funding, we offer the most comprehensive program for Washington, DC AR financing. We offer a wide range of debt-free working capital solutions to promote growth and prevent cash flow issues. Whether you are trying to boost your cash flow, or simply clear out unsettled customer accounts, we have you covered. Contact our offices today at 202-499-4441 to learn more.

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